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Are you too sharp to be scammed on Facebook?

Would you fall for this phishing attempt? We all like to think we are observant and worldly wise, too sharp to fall prey to a scammer. Well for some of us that might be true, at least most of the time. The danger comes for all of us when we are tired, stressed or in a…

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Why We Switched To Linux

Why even bother thinking about changing your OS? Here at Seaford Web Design, we are more than power users. We are designers and developers with highly complex needs and make great demands of our operating systems and software platforms. We have literally years of development work and documentation laid down on our systems and endless custom configurations…

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Record Music From Your PC Sound Card

How to Record Sound Being Played On Your PC Ever been listening to something on your PC and thought how much you’d like to record the sound you were hearing? Imagine how useful that would be. This includes anything you are playing from the internet, such as Internet Radio, Vimeo or YouTube. Well actually, when…

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A Chat About BT’s Little Secret

A couple of days back I got that sinking feeling when I realised that I needed to ring BT and actually talk to a human being over something regarding my telephone account. Their automated call system is something resembling an assault course and appears to have been contrived to keep you going round in circles…

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