A Chat About BT’s Little Secret

A couple of days back I got that sinking feeling when I realised that I needed to ring BT and actually talk to a human being over something regarding my telephone account. Their automated call system is something resembling an assault course and appears to have been contrived to keep you going round in circles until the will to live, or the will to finally make it to speak to a human being, just simply evaporates.

I like BT and find generally that they are a reliable and dependable company so this is no major criticism of the service they provide me with. Being engaged continually in web development a robust, high speed connection is a must. So far, I’ve had no problems with working online via my broadband arrangements with them.

While Googling for a BT direct number I happened upon something rather useful, the BT Chat Support online service. Absolute life saver when you’re short of time and need to actually speak to somebody, even if it is over an internet connection. You can access this service by clicking this link: BT Customer Chat Support.

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