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Seaford Web Design is a local business developing innovative, fast and highly secure websites for a broad range of commercial clients. We have many years of professional experience in the IT Industry and can help you get your business online. Our senior web developer have literally decades in the IT Industry, working at the highest levels for all manner of companies, large and small.

The level of skill required for website design and development is often underestimated. Commercial websites are best designed and built by experienced professionals with a formal background in the IT Industry.

All too often, much effort is put into the appearance and layout of a website while performance, security and search engine optimisation are poorly catered for.

This often occurs through of a lack of experience but also sometimes as a result of running over time while attempting to stay within allocated budget.

As you will learn below, we avoid these issues by working to a strict project plan, ensuring that nothing gets omitted from your website build, including the important additions that you don't see.

Website design, performance and security

While website design is a major consideration, it’s also very important to consider what goes on under the hood and this is all too often neglected. Often, much effort is put into the appearance and layout of a website while performance and security are given insufficient attention.

There are many methods that can be used to build a website. We are experts in all of these methods and will suggest the best one for you. For most standard commercial websites we build using our own development platform.

Otherwise known as the Lightning Platform, this technology is exclusive to us and allows us to build you an informative, smart looking website that is super fast for visitors to browse through, does not break when being maintained or updated and is virtually immune from being attacked by hackers.

In addition to the above, search engine optimisation, or SEO, along with other important website features is “baked in” to our technological website blueprint.

Our exclusive Lightning Platform dramatically reduces the chances that your website project will suffer from any of the most common complaints by business owners about work carried out by web design agencies. Namely:-

  • Poor SEO, lowering your chances of your website being listed in Google.
  • Slow website paging, causing visitors to become impatient and abandon your website.
  • A weak maintenance model which can break your website and render it offline for hours, or even days.
  • Intrusion by hackers which can result in the addition of obscene content or difficult to remove infections.
  • Getting hacked can also result in your website being shutdown and your domain name getting blacked by search engines.

We take these issues very seriously and make each of them a priority for every website project we take on. We ensure that your new website will be robust and reliable as well as being appealing to look at and easy to use for your online visitors.

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Completing and signing off your website build

We employ tried and trusted methods of working with our clients to ensure successful outcomes. We’ve been building websites for a long time and in most cases we can work exclusively over the phone with our clients, providing them online demonstrations for approval throughout the website build life cycle.

We provide a complete service which includes assistance with choosing and acquiring a domain name, high speed web hosting, arrangement of professional email accounts with a suitable provider and Google Analytics.

We'll take the lead from start to finish and guide you throughout the completion of your website project. This involves advice on website company literature, the selection of appropriate website images and the means of converting your website visitors into new customers.

We build all manner of websites and possess the expertise to provide you with an optimal online solution for your business. You can rely on Seaford Web Design to ensure a timely and successful conclusion of your website project.

Steve Brand
Seaford Web Design was at all times professional and courteous with our business and technical people alike. Their technical ability and design skills were second to none.
Steve Brand

Managing Director, Seahaven Maritime Academy

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