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In a perfect world, no website would get hacked. Unfortunately many websites do come under attack and this can result in downtime, loss of data and serious loss of reputation for the owners. You can never 100% prevent against hacking but there are sensible steps that should be taken to minimise the risk.

Neil Smith – Seaford Web Design

What You Should Know

Regular Updates

Most websites these days are built with WordPress and these websites must be updated at regular intervals. Outdated websites are open to hacking. Hackers can delete or steal data or change your links to point at porn and gambling websites.

Website Security

We make recommendations for your website and install an industry standard firewall. We can also "harden up" the website generally and make it harder for hackers to gain entry. Prevention is always far easier and cheaper than cure.

Security Audit

As part of our security audit service we run "penetration tests" using the same tools used by hackers to gain entry to your website. Hackers are forever discovering new techniques but it helps to close the door to all know vulnerabilities.


We went to Seaford Web Design on a recommendation and we were not disappointed with the three websites they created for us. Great company, good service and most importantly, nice people.

Steve Brand – Director of Training, Seahaven Maritime Academy